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Our legacy… a local player

Firmly rooted in its local area, Palexpo SA is an economic and social player dedicated to its clients, providers and partners. Working daily to bring events to life, we at Palexpo SA are convinced that all of our collaborators have a role to play and a legacy to pass on.

A major employer in the Canton of Geneva

Palexpo SA employs nearly 200 permanent workers, as well as several hundred temporary workers for massive events such as INDEX, Watches&Wonders or the Automnales. There are also many sub-contractors who provide crucial assistance in making events successful.

A training ground for skills

Roughly 50 different professions are practiced on Palexpo SA’s grounds. Some are specific to the event industry, such as riggers, project managers or stand builders. These are job opportunities for a specialised community of professionals. Every year, we welcome several trainees and apprentices to allow them to hone and perfect their skills in their fields.

An economic and social player at the local community’s service

The roughly 400 million francs in economic impact generated by Palexpo SA’s activities in the Geneva area contribute to Geneva’s influence, not only within its territory but also abroad. Our zero kilometre supply policy means we can carry out our activities while getting 95% of our supplies locally.

Our mission is to bring people together!

At our core, Palexpo SA is deeply committed to people and to society. In this vein, we often put donor organisers into contact with charitable organisations. We also provide our buildings to institutions like the army or the police, as well as to other associations such as civil protection, PartaGE or the Hospice général. 

A vision focused on innovation

Palexpo SA works with UFI, EMECA and ICCA, as well as exposition, conference and event organisers from across Europe and the globe. This means we take part in ensuring the lasting sustainability of our industry while improving the professions tied to it.

Promoting sustainability and protecting our environment

A solar power plant

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The solar power plant on Palexpo’s roofs, the sixth-largest solar power plant installation in Switzerland, was inaugurated in 2012 by SIG (Services Industriels de Genève). This feat is the result of a close collaboration that was able to overcome many human and technological challenges.

For example, local engineers reinforced the roofing for more than 560 tons and installed its electrical equipment. The plant now produces 4.2 MW of green energy.

Legacy projects

A 100% electric bus without overhead lines

The commissioning of the TOSA bus (Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation) was a first in Switzerland and even for the world. TOSA is the first 100% electric large-capacity articulated bus, both ecological and largely autonomous. The 100% electric bus prototype was commissioned during the Union international des transports publics (UITP) exposition held at Palexpo in late May 2013. It circulated between Palexpo and the airport; a flash charging station installed at Palexpo charged it in 15 seconds. The TOSA bus is currently running on Line 23. Two new electric bus lines will be added by 2024, to obtain a fully electric bus network by 2030.

Creating tomorrow’s jobs – a project started by Dorier

In partnership with Dorier and the Department of Public Education, Palexpo SA took part in an educational programme for Genevan schoolchildren, presented during the Cité des métiers at Palexpo in November 2022. The idea was to deconstruct clichés spread by social media. From this starting point, and using careers as a prism, young people were able to imagine the world of tomorrow using a collaborative and artistic approach.