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Palexpo your exhibition centre in the heart of Europe

About us


Since 1981, Palexpo has been a driving force of innovation, creativity and inspiration, and every year the congress and exhibition centre plays host to around one hundred regional and international trade and consumer events: conferences, trade shows, events, exhibitions, general meetings, conventions, symposia, etc. Palexpo also devises and organises its own signature events, such as artgenève, artmonte-carlo, the Geneva Book Fair, the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, and Les Automnales.

As a unifying space where culture, economy, science, art, sport, multimedia and lifestyle come together, Palexpo offers a rich variety of events that embrace emerging trends. Strategically located in Geneva, a city full of advantages, Palexpo draws its uniqueness and strength from its multi-disciplinary teams who have perfect mastery of all the technical and organisational solutions needed to stage high-profile events.


Owned mainly by the State of Geneva, Palexpo is a tool that serves the community. Its mission is to create economic and media benefits for Geneva and the region at large and to promote Geneva’s economy with a focus on sustainable development. Palexpo does not receive any public subsidies.


As a source of inspiration and stimulation, Palexpo aspires to be and remain a place of sustainable solutions and experiences by offering a functional, welcoming environment where ideas can meet, flourish and transform into innovative solutions through the excellence of its skills and services. Its mission is based on a unifying approach that takes into account the expectations of all its stakeholders while adhering to the values of sustainable development by being mindful of environmental, social and societal aspects.


With over 40 years’ experience and the desire to blend together imagination and innovation, it is with passion that Palexpo organises and hosts events with the utmost respect for sustainable development. Our versatility and teamwork skills let us handle any type of situation, while our flexibility allows us to meet our clients’ demands.

Salon du climat - Palexpo Genève
cité-mé, l'expo
Arvinis - Le salon Suisse du vin
Black Box
Ville de Genève
How to find us

Palexpo is conveniently located in the very heart of Europe, Geneva, an open-minded, cosmopolitan city with a quality of life that is second to none thanks to it offering not only a personal touch but also services worthy of the largest international cities. Both close to the airport and easily accessible from the city centre with a large number of bus and train connections, Palexpo is within easy reach of more than 120 hotels and over 50 fine dining restaurants.

Our skills

Palexpo accounts for a permanent staff of 200 individuals who all put their expertise, experience and versatility to good use, making the city even more attractive, organising events, welcoming visitors and generating economic benefits for both Geneva and the region at large.

Our modular spaces

106,000 m² of modular spaces distributed across 7 interconnected halls, 29 conference rooms, 9 offices, 4 foyers, a 3,000 m² temporary space within the Black Box and 21,000 m² of space in Sarasin Park: Palexpo has the perfect solution for every project, with all the facilities needed to host events of any shape and size.

Our commitments

For many years now, Palexpo has been working hard to make a positive contribution to society with an exemplary three-pronged approach that is economic, social and environmental. The ISO 20121 certification we have held since 2019 recognises the excellence of the initiatives we have in place to welcome visitors, exhibitors and organisers.