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Palexpo’s 2022 business report is now online

– MONDAY, 24 MAY 2023 –

Palexpo’s formidable ability to adapt, and the trust placed in us by all our clients, have enabled us to bring together, for high-quality events, visitors from all walks of life. All these forces have generated direct economic benefits of CHF 219 million for the Canton of Geneva.

While these figures testify to the company’s solidity and enable us to look confidently to the future, Palexpo’s quest for excellence is also reflected in its desire to help build a more sustainable future. Throughout the year, the company strengthened its social and environmental commitments through many tangible actions.

A year marked by reunions

Palexpo hosted regional and international trade and consumer events, attracting no less than 445,000 participants. The Arena also put on a very fine cultural season, with some sixty shows, many of them sold out.

An ever more exemplary triple economic, social and environmental approach.

In 2022, Palexpo and its teams have continued to mobilise to carry out various initiatives with a single aim: to help build a better future.

  • With its deep roots in the region, Palexpo has pursued its mission as a dynamic player at the service of its region, contributing to the local and international influence of Greater Geneva, promoting local purchasing and remaining a key local employer.
  • Aware that its ecosystem can contribute to the construction of a more inclusive future, Palexpo has taken action internally to ensure the well-being and safety of its employees, as well as of younger generations and vulnerable populations.
  • Committed to an environmental approach, Palexpo has also implemented various measures to continue preserving the planet’s resources and limit the environmental impact of the events it organises and hosts.

A lively, innovative company

Far from resisting change, Palexpo has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Expansion of the convention center, new flexible and cost-effective electrical connection solution, connection to the GeniLac ecological thermal network and extension of the photovoltaic roof: once again this year, Palexpo carried out various projects to enhance its competitiveness and ensure its long-term future.