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The Automnales are now open!

– FRIDAY, 11. NOVEMBER 2022 –

Come and track down the trends to get inspired. The programme is as eclectic as ever, based on 19 parallel events, including 3 new ones, and a host of activities designed for all audiences. Culture, art of living, gastronomy, fashion, decoration, nature, well-being, sports, leisure activities, plushies and cats, the Automnales concentrate a multitude of unifying and inspiring events.

Between timeless classics and novelties, the Automnales are delighted to welcome the ICRC, a guest of honour that will make you feel good. And a premiere: Road Trip Expo, the first exhibition dedicated to vanlife lovers, as well as Passion Football, a new 100% football event. And Sneakscon, a stylish streetwear event where you can find clothes and trainers that you can’t find anywhere else!

Generous and gourmet, authentic and vibrant, the Automnales promise unique and original experiences through a multitude of activities designed to delight as many people as possible. With family or friends, for adults and children, a moment of conviviality for all, an opportunity to awaken your taste buds and to taste wines from here and elsewhere in the many catering areas.